Royal enfield 1140 V-twin data base

The mighty V-twin at its best

Welcome to the web-site of the

Royal Enfield 1140 model K owners archive

If you want to get in contact with us please drop us a line on

our goal

 We want to collect technical data and information about the Royal Enfield models K and KX 1140cc V-twins built between 1938 and 1942 to help owners to rebuild their bike with the best available documentation and shared experience.

your benefits

  • Get in e-mail contact with other owners worldwide
  • Find out how many K/KX 1140cc still exist
  • Judge the grade of originality of your 1140 V-twin
  • Get your Royal Enfield dated and find the dispatch data
  • Organize the reconstruction of missing spare parts
  • Get access to documents on the 1140cc V-twins

Our policy

We have the support of the Royal Enfield owners club REOC in our endeavor to get these great bikes back on the road. The work of the 1140 owners archive is strictly non-commercial. We do not charge money and do not use the information on these bikes to earn money or pass those on to non-owners. The access is only given to owners of an 1140 V-twin. The ownership has to be proven by a recent photo of the bike and its frame number before access to the archive can be granted.

If released for public disclosure by the owner we include e-mail contact and name of the owner in our "owners list" together with the bike details to enable the owners to get in contact.